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A new book which will revolutionise your attitude to the author Jane Austen.  Forget all your preconceived ideas of Jane Austen as a poor, unmarried, uneducated woman living in the quiet countryside.  Think instead of a towering intellectual, moving in the highest social circles of London literary life. 


The book casts aside 200 years of scholarship regarding Jane Austen’s life, and brings into the daylight for the first time the true author of the novels of Jane Austen.  This was Jane Austen’s lively and witty cousin and sister in law, Eliza de Feuillide, a woman of outstanding education and genius. 

It is the most controversial literary biography of the century and should be required reading for all lovers and scholars of Jane Austen, and for all those who love literature, life and the truth.

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Nicholas Ennos is a graduate of Leeds University where he studied French and German. After university he qualified as a solicitor.

He is a lover of the novels of Jane Austen but has always been troubled by the contrast between the towering literary achievement of the author and the lack of education and mundane life of Jane Austen.